My Story


My Story

Periodically throughout my personal and professional life, I have learned how to overcome adversity. From lessons learned, I can successfully motivate others and teach leaders how to be the leader they were born to be with my 7 principles of leadership mastery.

Growing up in Boston, Washington DC and making the move to Nashville in the mid eighties, I eventually found myself, beginning Spring 2006 spanning the globe from Vancouver BC to Southern CA to South Florida to the United Kingdom in almost every major and medium sized city, training on Motivation, Leadership and Sales—first as an independent contractor with Fred Pryor (credited with being the Inventor in the 1960s of the One Day Business Seminar), as well as SkillPath/CareerTrack Seminars, an offshoot from Pryor, from 2006 to 2010. Since then, I have been an independent author, speaker, and consultant. Most of the training I’ve done pertains to Leadership Development.


On a Personal Note

I am happily married and have raised 3 awesome children who are each successful in their own business endeavors. I obtained a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Maryland in Business and Broadcasting. Their Communications and Media Department is considered one of the Top 10 in the USA. A few of their graduates include Boomer Esiason, Maury Povich, and Connie Chung. I also built a successful talent agency in Nashville and sold it for a profit after 5 years of operation (


Some of My Accolades

Training the CIA

Training the CIA ‘How to Build the Paperless Office’ when the ‘cloud’ was only an embryonic idea, which I believe I contributed to its development, post 9-11.

Ivy-League Instruction

Taught the professors and administrators of Oxford & Cambridge Universities the ‘business science’ of project management.


Worked with history makers, Coretta Scott King, John Ashcroft and Oliver North, Brian Tracy, Marcus Buckingham, Tim McGraw and Percy Sledge.

Why I Do This

Once in Kansas City, my second favorite city next to Nashville, after training creative and technical types on “How to Be a Successful First Time Supervisor”, one attendee came up to me afterward and said, “Your concepts today changed my life. I was not looking forward to managing people and was actually quite frightened at the prospect, but I took the promotion to make more money. Now, I am going back to work with enthusiasm and am actually looking forward to employing your principles to help the company and make myself even more money!” He walked away laughing and excited…THAT is why I do this.


Won’t you join me in helping our professionals master human psychology, become better leaders and fuel the profitability of their own companies, careers, and the American and Global Marketplace?


I am waiting for your inquiry. Do you have what it takes to go to and take your people to the next level and achieve greatness? Pull the trigger…you won’t regret it. Let’s go…what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to pull the trigger?


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